how to record a phone call on samsung s9

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How to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+in High QualityDownload Automatic Call Recorder APK for Android.Copy the downloaded APK on your Android device.To install APK files from other sources you will have to go to Setting Security Allow Unknown Sources. …Tap the downloaded APK to initiate the installation process.

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  • Can you record a call on the Galaxy S9?

  • You will find plenty of features to play around on your Galaxy S9. Surprisingly though, there鈥檚 one very basic feature missing from the handset: call recording. Due to various federal laws, Samsung does not offer an option to record calls on the Galaxy S9.

  • How to record a call on Samsung Galaxy S21?

  • You can also manually record single calls on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21, Note, or Galaxy Fold. Here’s how: Open the Phone app on your Samsung device and call the contact whose call you’d like to record. Alternatively, accept the incoming call that you want to record. In the call screen, tap the Record call button to start recording.

  • How do I use the call recording feature on my phone?

  • In the call screen, tap the Record call button to start recording. If the option does not show up in the call screen, tap the 3-dot menu button on the top-right and then select the Record call option. The first time you use the call recording feature, you’ll be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.

  • How to record voice on Samsung Galaxy phones?

  • In order to record the sound with high quality, you should record the voice with a loud volume in a quiet environment. Step 1 Launch the Samsung Voice Recorder app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

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