how to remove a phone number from an amazon account

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  • How to delete number from Amazon account?

  • Login your account at 2. Go to login and security in my account. 3. There you can delete your number. is it possible to delete number from amazon account. if yes please tell how to do that.

  • How do I delete a device from my Amazon Prime account?

  • From the Prime Video website: 1 Log in and go to Account Settings. 2 Click Your Devices from the menu at the top. All of your devices will be listed under 鈥淩egistered Devices鈥? 3 To remove a device from your account, select Deregister next to the device.

  • How do I Delete my Amazon account from the mobile app?

  • To begin, find a computer 鈥?you can鈥檛 delete your Amazon account from within the mobile app. Go to the Amazon website. If you’re already logged in, doing so will open your Amazon home page. If you aren’t logged into Amazon, hover the cursor over Account Lists, click Sign in, enter your email address and password, and click Sign in.

  • How do I Close my Amazon Prime account?

  • Sign in with the Amazon account you want to close. Click 鈥淧rime or Something Else鈥?at the top of the customer support page. Under the 鈥淭ell us more about your issue鈥?section, select 鈥淎ccount Settings鈥?in the first box and 鈥淐lose My Account鈥?in the second box.

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