how to save instagram videos to phone

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Start by going to your Story and viewing the video. In the lower right hand corner, click on the three dots for more options. You鈥檒l then be taken to a menu where you can tap SaveVideo. Your video will then download directly onto your phone.

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  • How to download videos from Instagram to your iPhone?

  • From Instagram click on the three dots above the video and choose Copy Link. Paste the link of the video on the box above and click on 鈥淰iew鈥? The video will appear, click on the download button below it. The video will be saved to your Safari downloads. To save the video to your camera roll, from the sharing button choose Save video.

  • How do I save an Instagram video to my account?

  • Open the Instake app. Press the Instagram icon button at the bottom-center of the screen. Log in with your Instagram account information. Navigate to the video you wish to save within the Instagram app. Press the three horizontal dots at the top of the post. Select Copy Link.

  • How to save Instagram photos to your phone?

  • How to Save Instagram Photos to Your Phone. 1 Method 1. Saving Instagram Photos You’ve Created to Your Phone Download Article. 1. Open the Instagram App. On your mobile phone, tap on the … 2 Method 2. 3 Method 3.

  • How to save Instagram posts to camera roll?

  • It will open in a new tab. Tap on Download again. Tap on the arrow icon and select the downloaded file. Tap on the share icon and choose Save Image or Save Video from the Share Sheet. The Instagram post is successfully saved to the Camera Roll. In the steps above, I used

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