how to send a chrome tab to phone

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  • How to send tabs from Chrome mobile to another device?

  • Sending tabs from Chrome mobile. 1 Open the Chrome mobile app. 2 Tap the three stacked dots icon. 3 Tap 鈥淪hare.鈥? 4 In the share menu, tap 鈥淪end to your devices.鈥? 5 Tap to select the device you wish to send to. 6 A notification will appear on the other device after a moment or two. Click/tap it to open the shared page.

  • How do I send a page to multiple devices in chrome?

  • When on a page you want to send to your phone, right click on tab, or on page and choose device you want to share to under Send to Devices. There鈥檚 the option to broadcast to all your devices too. This is also to be enabled under Chrome://flags.

  • How do I share a Chrome web page to my phone?

  • Open a Chrome webpage 2. Right-click anywhere on the body of the page 3. Select Send to whichever device you choose Those are the fast and easy ways to share a Chrome web page from your computer straight to your phone. But what about the other way around?

  • What is 鈥渟end tab to self鈥?in chrome?

  • A new 鈥淪end Tab to Self鈥?feature in Google Chrome lets you quickly send tabs between all your Chrome devices. This feature, available via a hidden flag in Google Chrome, is available in the stable version of Chrome today. Update: This is enabled by default in Chrome 77. No hidden flags necessary!

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