how to transfer pictures from camera to phone

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  • How to transfer photos from camera to iPhone?

  • The simplest way to transfer photos from camera to iPhone is to use Apple’s Lightning-to-USB adapter. Just plug aUSB cable into your camera and connect it to this special device. Then, plug this adapter into the Lightning port on your iPhone. The Photos app on your iPhone then launches.

  • How to transfer photos from one Android phone to another?

  • Select the Phone Manager from all the models. Connect both your Android phones to the computer. dr.fone will recognize them and display them like below. Select the Android phone which you would like to transfer photos from. Go to the Photos tab on the top. It will display all the photos on your source Android phone.

  • How to view photos from iPhone camera to screen?

  • Connect iPhone to the adapter and then use the cable of your camera to connect the camera to the other end. 2. If the connection is successfully built, the screen to view and select photos from camera would automatically appear on your iPhone.

  • How do I connect my sd card to my iPhone camera?

  • This adapter is similar to its sibling above, but doesn’t connect the camera to the iPhone. Instead, pop the SD card out of your camera, insert it into the adapter, and then plug the adapter into your iPhone’s Lightning port. As with the other Apple adapter, 鈥嬧€?the Photos app prompts you to import some or all of the photos on the SD card.

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