how to unlock a samsung phone to any network

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  • How to unlock Samsung phones?

  • Here are some general tips and procedures that you can use to unlock the Samsung device; Step 1: First, you need to switch off your device and then insert the SIM Card from a different carrier.

  • How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 hard locked?

  • Insert a SIM card of a different network in your Samsung phone and then turn it on. It will show you the following messages if it is locked to a specific network: You cannot unlock your Samsung phone using unlock code if the phone is hard locked.

  • How do I unlock my phone with a PIN code?

  • Press and hold your phone’s Power button until the Samsung logo appears in the middle of the screen, then release the button. Wait for the SIM unlock field to appear. It may take a moment for your phone to display this field. Once you see the SIM Network unlock PIN field appear, you can continue.

  • How to unlock Samsung Galaxy j2-2016 without SIM card?

  • Here 鈥淐ODE鈥?is the SIM unlock code. Step 1: Turn on your device without any SIM. Step 3: You will see a prompt Network Lock Deactivated The device will reboot and it will be unlocked. Step 2: Hold the device in Portrait mode and enter #7465625*638*CODE#

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