how to unlock phone from sprint

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  • How do you unlock an iPhone on sprint?

  • If you are a postpaid Sprint plan user and your account is eligible, Sprint automatically unlocks your iPhone after a certain period. In any case, you can contact Sprint customer support and verify whether your device is suitable for unlocking and whether the device is unlocked.

  • Should I unlock my Sprint phone before switching to another network?

  • It would be best to first unlock the Sprint iPhone before switching to a new network on your device. You will not be allowed to change to another network unless your Sprint device qualifies for it. Unlike Verizon, unlocking a Sprint device is not that easy.

  • How do I unlock my iPhone without a SIM card?

  • You can find your iPhone’s IMEI number in Settings General About. Wait for Sprint to send you the instructions for unlocking your iPhone. This process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on how quickly Sprint can work with Apple to supply the unique unlock instructions for your device.

  • How to unblock Sprint device?

  • Request unblock by requesting to customer care representative. However, sprint provides some special services which are not provided by its competitor鈥檚 service provider鈥檚 i.e. Unlocking for a short span of time especially for international traveling. How to Unblock Sprint Device Using Account?

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