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  • What can you do with a cell phone?

  • Depending on the cell phone model, you can: Store contact information. Make task or to-do lists. Keep track of appointments and set reminders. Use the built-in calculator for simple math. Send or receive e-mail. Get information (news, entertainment, stock quotes) from the Internet. Play games.

  • How do cell phones work?

  • The base receives your voice signal, converts it to an electrical signal and sends that signal through the phone line to the other party. The base and handset operate on a frequency pair that allows you to talk and listen at the same time, called duplex frequency.

  • What can I do with my Android phone on my PC?

  • In the Microsoft Store, you鈥檒l see Your Phone. This link between your device and PC gives you instant access to everything you love. Read and reply to text messages with ease, view recent photos from your Android device, use your favorite mobile apps, make, and receive calls, and manage your Android device鈥檚 notifications right on your PC.

  • How do I connect my phone to the your phone app?

  • Tap Install to download the Microsoft Apps app required for Your Phone to function. Launch the Microsoft Apps app and select Get started to begin pairing your phone with the Your Phone app. Make sure you’re already a member of the Windows Insider Program and then select I’m already an Insider.

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