is an apple watch compatible with an android phone

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No way

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  • What phones are compatible with the Apple Watch?

  • iPhone compatible with Apple Watch Among one of the requirements that are needed to use the Apple Watch is necessary to have a fully compatible iPhone and all are not. To give you an idea, the list of devices that are compatible with Apple smart watches is as follows: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

  • Does the Apple Watch work with Android?

  • The Apple Watch doesn鈥檛 work with Android. That covers all versions, including the Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. To set up a new Apple Watch you鈥檒l need an iPhone 6S or later, so it wouldn鈥檛 work even if you have an Android phone and an iPad.

  • How do I connect my Apple Watch to my Android phone?

  • You’ll need a cellular Apple Watch, along with access to an iPhone. You’ll also want your nano-SIM card for your phone. What you need to do is pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone, activate cellular capability on the watch, then swap the SIM card from your iPhone to your Android device, as outlined in our guide.

  • Are there any good Android-compatible smartwatches?

  • There are many excellent Android-compatible smartwatches that will work well with your device. The Android smartwatch landscape is trickier, however, so make sure you choose a wearable that’s compatible with your phone’s Android version and platform.

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