is being on your phone bad for you

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  • Is your smartphone harmful to your health?

  • Constantly fingering your phone with germy hands makes your device incredibly unsanitary. When you hold your phone up to your ear, you can deposit bacteria to your face, which can trigger breakouts and related anxieties. 13.

  • What happens when you use your cell phone too much?

  • A recent 2013 study by the American Society for Hypertension shows that cell phone use causes high blood pressure. Looking at the negative impacts on your heart health, avoid keeping your cell phone in the front pocket of your shirt. People with a pacemaker should strictly follow this rule. 4. Affects Reproductive Health

  • What are the health risks of using mobile phones at night?

  • Avoid using mobile phones at night to enjoy sound sleep. Remember that sleeplessness and sleep disorders are a direct cause of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high levels of bad cholesterol, high triglyceride levels and excessive belly fat. 2. Spreads Infections

  • Is your cell phone aggravating your depression?

  • It can be causing depression. We’re familiar with the feeling of anxiety we get when we’re separated from our cell phones, but according to the University of Illinois, cell phone use is bad for our mental health in another way, too: it can be aggravating depression.

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