is cell phone one word

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  • Is cellphone one word or two words?

  • Is cellphone one word or two words? Most people tend to use two words (Cell Phone), although I expect it varies from region to region and person to person. Q: Is cellphone one word or two words?

  • Is it spelled cell phone or cell phone?

  • Oddly enough, at work, where we actually design and make them..we just call them phones. It’s short for cellular phone. Two words. It’s said as if it is one word, so it should be spelled the same way. Except when I’m being extremely formal, that’s the guide I always use, except for for a few nitpicky words like a lot or all right.

  • What is the difference between a cell phone and a mobile?

  • Strictly speaking, a cell (cellular) phone is a mobile phone, but a mobile phone may not necessarily be a cell phone. Cellular refers to the network technology. A satellite phone is also mobile, but there are so few of them in use nowadays compared to cell phones that for most practical purposes (in urban areas for sure) they can be ignored.

  • Is it 鈥渃ell phone鈥?or 鈥渃ellphone鈥?

  • 鈥淐ell phone鈥?is the most popular choice and the original way to spell the word. However, 鈥渃ellphone鈥?as a one-word spelling has also started to appear as a variation. They are both correct, and it depends entirely on personal preference which one you prefer. According to Google Ngram Viewer, 鈥渃ell phone鈥?is by far the most popular choice.

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