is it bad to charge your phone overnight

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  • Should you charge your smartphone overnight?

  • In other words, avoid charging phone overnight altogether. If you have a fixed bedtime, plug it to charge 2 hours (or less, depending on charging speed and battery level) before that. Perfectly battery-healthy but inconvenient. You have to either not use at all or use while charging, which may heat up your phone if heavy-duty apps are involved.

  • Is overnight charging bad for You?

  • Overnight charging is bad because it leads to overcharging, for optimal performance you should only charge your battery to 75% capacity, not 100%. We鈥檝e all heard the warning 鈥渄o not overcharge your phone鈥?and you should unplug it immediately after it charges.

  • Is it bad to leave your phone plugged in overnight?

  • It鈥檚 widely known that heat damages the battery capacity too. It鈥檚 just less an issue concerning overnight charging because, well, it happens whenever you charge anyway. Most heat is stoked up before nearing 100% owing to fast charging; the low voltage of trickle charge means its generated heat is negligible.

  • What happens if you overcharge your iPhone battery at night?

  • The green chart represents the overnight charging of an iPhone. You can check your battery鈥檚 capacity via the 鈥淏attery Health鈥?tab on your iPhone. So overcharging it at night will inevitably diminish its capacity over time. See the maximum capacity? The iPhone battery has 12% less capacity to store power, due to frequent overnight charges.

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