is it okay to buy refurbished phones

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  • Is it worth buying a refurbished phone?

  • With newer handsets, especially iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, there鈥檚 often very little, if any, difference in price between refurbished phones and brand-new ones. So you may as well buy brand new. But with some brands, you can definitely save money.

  • What is a refurbished iPhone?

  • With this in mind, a refurbished iPhone is something that is returned to the store, either because of defects or the previous owner upgraded to a new phone. The store then checks and diagnoses any damages or software errors on the iPhone.

  • Should you buy refurbished laptops?

  • Learn more . Buying a refurbished device can help you save money, but don鈥檛 go into it blind. These tips will help you get a deal and avoid being ripped off when buying refurbished laptops, TVs, phones, and other electronics. Error!

  • Can you trade in a refurbished iPhone for a new one?

  • Just like newly-released iPhones, you can get a one-year warranty and purchase AppleCare for an extended warranty. The best part is, if you plan to upgrade your refurbished iPhone, you can trade this refurbished iPhone so you can get a discount on your purchase for a new iPhone.

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