is living next to a cell phone tower dangerous

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Increased risk of cancer

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  • Is it safe to live near a telephone tower?

  • So people who are scared to live near telephone towers should not be speaking on mobile cell phones, because they are subjected to more radiation from mobile cell phones than what they get from the mobile cell phone tower mast near their house. Radio frequency waves are non-ionizing electromagnetic waves and have no harmful effects on human beings.

  • Are cell phone towers harmful to your health?

  • Of course, the biggest side effect of living near a cell phone tower is the increased risk of cancer. The World Health Organization has actually done quite a bit of research into EMF radiation and cancer, and in one of their most recent studies, they found a link between EMF exposure and cancer.

  • Why people are generally afraid of living near Mobile cell tower masts?

  • People are generally afraid of living near mobile cell phone tower masts because of the fear of harmful health effects from radiation of mobile phone towers.

  • Is the radiation from cell towers safe?

  • But all of the truly independent studies, those not by government agencies nor paid for by industry all say that the RF or Microwave radiation put out by cell towers, cell phones, and other wifi or cordless technologies are not safe at all. In fact they say that they are very dangerous.

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