is my phone charge

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There will be alightning bolt in the middle of the battery icon to indicate that the phone is charging,and the icon should appear green. You can also check your battery life in the Control Center,where you’ll be able to see a number reading of your battery percentage (it’s possible to always show this number on your screen).

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  • Why won鈥檛 my Phone charge?

  • If the phone starts to charge, then it is time to get a new cable. Many of us might no longer use the USB cable that come with the phone. The original one could be lost or frayed. It is okay to not use the original cable. But never go for some low quality cables which could cause the charging problem. 3. Switch to Different Power Source

  • Do I need to charge my device with the original cable?

  • Therefore, it is advised to always use the device鈥檚 original charging cable or purchase a good quality charging cord, which doesn’t damage your device or your adapter.

  • How to fix Android charging issue?

  • One of the best-known system repair tools for Android mobile is ReiBoot for Android. This software is capable of fixing any Android related issues with just a single click. Here’s how to use to fix the Android charging issue; Step 1 So, you have to download and install ReiBoot for Android on your computer and launch it on your computer.

  • Why does my phone take so long to charge with USB?

  • Phone reviewers are now disappointed if a new smartphone comes with a microUSB port, 鈥? In short, lots can go wrong with a USB cable and they are manufactured to be wimps about it. Grab a new USB cable, and you should be good to go. This and this alone probably constitutes 90 percent of slow-charging problems.

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