is my phone water resistant

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Typically the answer isno鈥?but it can resist some water. Your phone can usually handle some water before taking damage, although that doesn鈥檛 make it waterproof, rather water-resistant. Most flagship phones typically have an IP rating, determining how much water the device can be exposed to, be it through depth or through the exposure time.

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  • Which smartphones are water resistant?

  • Devices including the iPhone 12, iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S21, OnePlus 8 Pro, and even the Apple Watch 6 all make the claim of being water resistant, as do some lower end and older devices, but they don’t all have the same IP rating.

  • Is your phone waterproof?

  • It鈥檚 an important distinction and one that phone companies clearly set out to make: none of them overtly claim that your phone is waterproof. In fact, even tests of the device鈥檚 water resistance are conducted under very specific conditions.

  • Are water-resistant phones worth it?

  • Water resistant phones have become a major selling point for a number of high-end manufacturers. It鈥檚 certainly a useful feature to have, offering protection for your expensive gadget against accidental spills.

  • Is the iPhone 6S waterproof?

  • The iPhone 6s lacks any kind of water or dust resistant rating, but demonstrated a high level of water resistance in consumer tests. It鈥檚 possible Apple was testing the water-resistant technology that officially made it into the iPhone 7.

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