is there a phone number for stimulus check

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  • How do I check if I have received a stimulus check?

  • There you can check any payments that you have received from the IRS. You can find additional information at the IRS frequently asked questions regarding lost, stolen, destroyed or not received stimulus checks. Did you get more than one letter from the #IRS about your Economic Impact Payments?

  • Can I call the IRS about my stimulus check?

  • You can call the IRS about your stimulus checks. Here’s how. Looking for the stimulus check IRS phone number? Yes, you can call the IRS for help with your third stimulus check payment. A representative might be able to questions that can’t be answered through its website.

  • Can You track stimulus payments by phone number?

  • One example of such occurred in 2020, when a jape about a toll-free phone number that could be used for tracking the status of $1,200 economic stimulus payments being sent to U.S. taxpayers continued to circulate via social media: The federal government has not yet announced an automated system for tracking stimulus payments.

  • How much will your third stimulus check be?

  • Although there is talk of a potentially larger payment once Joe Biden takes office on 20 January, with control of the Senate in the balance, so is a third stimulus check. For now, the $600 maximum checks per adult are in the process of being sent out. Here鈥檚 an indication of when the check might arrive, and how to figure out how much you鈥檒l get.

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