what does nfc on my phone mean

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  • What is NFC and how do I use it?

  • NFC is the technology in contactless cards, and the most common use of NFC technology in your smartphone is making easy payments with Samsung Pay. NFC can also be used to quickly connect with wireless devices and transfer data with Android Beam. Turning on and changing your NFC settings How do I quickly turn NFC on and off?

  • How do I know if my phone has NFC?

  • On Android, you can delve into the Settings app, and then look for NFC under the 鈥淐onnected Devices鈥?or 鈥淣etwork and Sharing鈥?sub-menus. Most recent Android phones support NFC. Q: What does NFC stand for on my phone or other NFC device? A: NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

  • What is near field communication (NFC) in smartphones?

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a technology that has been growing for a lot of years. It is an essential tool which helps users to exchange data from their smartphone devices.

  • What is the difference between NFC and Bluetooth?

  • Unlike Bluetooth, NFC doesn鈥檛 require any manual pairing or device discovery to transfer data. An NFC connection is automatically started when another NFC device enters into the previously specified 4-inch range. Once in range, the two devices instantly communicate and send prompts to the user.

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