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  • What does the + mean on a phone number?

  • The + indicates the country code. The international access code is the 011 you dial from the US and Canada to call overseas. For example, if it is a number in Germany, it would read +49 (0)30 295 7890.

  • What are the parts of a phone number?

  • In the U.S. and Canada, the parts of a phone number are the exit code, country code, area code, telephone prefix, and line number. The exit code lets you dial out of your home country.

  • How many digits are in a phone number?

  • In the United States, phone numbers are made up of 10 digits plus a country code. Therefore, a standard number has this format: +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. To help you understand how phones call each other, here鈥檚 a breakdown of each part of a phone number:

  • What is a line number on a phone?

  • A line number is the last four digits of a phone number. It鈥檚 a code that belongs to a specific device (within the area code and prefix). While the area code and prefix pinpoint the location, the line number identifies the exact person you鈥檙e trying to contact.

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