what happens if you sell a stolen phone to ecoatm

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  • What is ecoecoatm鈥檚 policy on stolen phones?

  • ecoATM customer service will work with them to ensure their stolen phone is returned to them at no additional charge as quickly as possible. How long do you hold the devices? ecoATM holds all devices for at least 30 days (longer if required by state or local laws and/or regulations).

  • How do I Sell my Phone to ecoATM?

  • Make sure you have your driver鈥檚 license or other state-issued ID with you to sell your phone to ecoATM. The machine will scan your driver鈥檚 license to match your identity to your phone (it will also scan your thumbprint); then, it will snap your photo for remote live human ID verification before any money is dispensed.

  • How do I contact ecoATM law enforcement?

  • Call our ecoATM Support Line at 858-324-4111 and select the Law Enforcement option. 2. You鈥檒l be connected to an attendant who will gather important information to verify that you are indeed law enforcement.

  • What happens to my phone when I sell it to ecoappraisal?

  • During the process of selling your phone to our kiosks, you can get your phone back at any time during our ecoAppraisal. You will know, without having to mail your device off, what your device is worth, and if you like the value presented you can accept it and walk away with instant cash!

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