what is a primary phone number

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  • What is your primary phone?

  • Your primary phone is the phone that you use the most often. Does Santa Claus have a cell phone? yes he has a cell phone because I keep seeing different phone numbers for example I keep looking up santas phone number and all I keep seeing are two numbers

  • How do I set a primary number for a contact?

  • Open the contact, long hold on the number you want to make primary, and click Set as primary number. Same for email addresses: long hold address, Set as default address.

  • What does it mean when a contact is marked primary?

  • When looking at a contact, you will notice that one phone number (and one email address) is marked as Primary. When calling without directly using contacts – just the list that pops up as you are typing the number or name – the phone call will be made to the number that is marked as primary instead of giving a choice.

  • What is the meaning of primery phone?

  • what is meaning of primery phone What does an P mean in front of a Phone number? It means Primary Phone. The main contact phone number for that person. How many Americans consider their cell phones as their primary number?

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