what is the best phone plan for a child

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  • What are the best mobile phone plans for kids?

  • Several of the smaller telcos, most notably Woolworths Mobile and Yomojo, have recognised this and now offer specific phone plans 鈥榝or kids鈥?at reasonably cheap prices and with extras such as cyber security, while other telcos, like Amaysim, offer simple, cheap plans that could be a good option.

  • Is Verizon Just Kids the best cell phone plan for kids?

  • Just Kids is definitely among the best cell phone plans for kids, but, as they say, 鈥渆very path has its puddle.鈥?Let鈥檚 wade through the not-so-great stuff. The biggest roadblock to signing up for the Just Kids plan is that you (or some other adult in your family) must already have an unlimited data plan with Verizon.

  • Should your kids’cell phone plans be cheaper than yours?

  • Here’s a good rule to live by: your kids鈥?cell phone plans shouldn鈥檛 cost more than your own. Mint Mobile鈥檚 Unlimited Data Plan clocks in at just $30 a month, which makes it significantly cheaper than pretty much any unlimited data plan out there.

  • How do I choose the right phone plan for my child?

  • The first (and most important) decision to make in regards to your child鈥檚 phone plan is whether you want to go prepaid or postpaid. Postpaid plans see you pay your bill after the billing cycle is complete, while prepaid means you鈥檒l pay in advance (and can only use the plan inclusions you鈥檝e paid for upfront).

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