what kind of phone do i have samsung

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  • What are the best Samsung phones?

  • The best Samsung phones encompass everything that Androids have to offer, from mighty flagships to surprisingly full-featured budget devices. Whether it’s the inexpensive Galaxy A32 5G or the expansive (and expensive) Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung has an option at every price.

  • Which Android phone should you get?

  • Which Android Phone Should You Get? 1 Samsung Phones 鈥?Great For Design Specs 2 OnePlus Phones 鈥?Brilliant Design, Amazing Software 3 Google Pixel Phones 鈥?Best For Camera Software Updates 4 OPPO Phones 鈥?Great For Specs, Hardware Fast-Charging Capabilities More …

  • What version of Android do I have on my phone?

  • This is your phone’s model number. You can Google your phone’s model number to find out more about your phone. Look at the Android version section. This is the version of Android your phone is running.

  • What brand and model of Android phone do I have?

  • This wikiHow teaches you how to learn what brand and model of Android phone you have by using the Settings app or, if you have a phone with a removable battery, by inspecting the manufacturer’s sticker. Examine your phone’s housing. The brand of your phone should appear on the face or back of your phone. Scroll down and tap About phone.

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