what to do if my phone isn’t charging

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Clean Fix Charging Port of Your Phone. With a flashlight,take a close look at the charging port and see if it is clogged with any dust,lints,…Try A New Cable. This is pretty obvious. Borrow a workable Android cable from your friend and replace the cable you are using.Switch to Different Power Source. If the phone won’t charge from a wall plug adapter,unplug it and re-plug the device to a charger with USB cable.Reboot Your Device. In rare case,a reboot can fix charging problem such as Android device charges too slow or doesn’t charge at all.Downgrade Android Version. If your phone have charging problem after you have newly upgraded the device to new Android version,it could be that your phone is incapable of …

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  • How do I Fix my Phone that won鈥檛 charge?

  • Using a torch, look inside the charging port to check for any damage. If your charging port is damaged, you can book a repair to get your device fixed. If you think the problem is related to wired charging and you have a wireless charging compatible device, try charging your device using a wireless charger.

  • What should I do if my battery won’t charge?

  • If your battery won’t charge or charges slowly or if you see an alert message, learn what to do. If you’re trying to charge wirelessly with an iPhone 8 or later, first make sure that you can charge with the USB adapter and cable that came with your device. If that works, then get help with wireless charging.

  • What should I do if my device won鈥檛 power on?

  • Let your device charge for another half hour. If your device still won鈥檛 power on or charge, take your device, charging cable, and charging adapter to an Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for evaluation.

  • How to fix a broken charger port on a phone?

  • You can fix the broken charger port in these steps: Step 1. Power off your device and if the battery is removable, remove the battery. Step 2. Get a toothpick or needle and carefully put the toothpick into the charging port. Step 3. Gently level up the tab for a little. Step 4. Connect your phone to a charger and see if it is charging.

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