what was mike jones phone number

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  • What happened to Mike Jones?

  • With an iconic catchphrase and the former habit of including his phone number on his lyrics and t-shirts so fans can call, Mike Jones was a successful rapper who delivered rap fresh from Houston. But without warning he disappeared, only to reappear with new projects and a refreshed focus on the rap scene.

  • Did Mike Jones really rap his phone number out loud?

  • When Houston rapper Mike Jones became famous, he notoriously rapped his phone number aloud over the brilliant, organ-driven beat for 鈥淏ack Then.鈥?It worked to remarkable success for the everyman wordsmith.

  • Where did Mike Jones grow up?

  • Mike Jones 鈥?The Beginnings. Born on January 06, 1981 in the northern side of Houston, Texas, the young Michael 鈥淢ike鈥?Ansara Jones dreamed of playing basketball and to make it to the National Basketball Association.

  • Will Aaron Jones fight sprint to keep iconic phone number?

  • And now, Jones says he鈥檚 in the process of fighting with Sprint to retain his iconic phone number. (Sorry, this embed was not found.) As of press time, calling 281-330-8004 yields a 鈥測our call cannot be completed as dialed鈥?prompt.

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