what’s the best cell phone to buy

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IPhone 13 Pro Max

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  • What is the best phone to buy for Android?

  • Our current best phone pick is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, or the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra if you鈥檙e an Android user. But all the phones featured on this list are highly recommended. Which phone has the best camera? Both the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are top picks when it comes to camera performance.

  • What is the best flagship phone to buy?

  • Apple’s iPhone 13 delivers the best blend of performance, camera quality, and battery life at the right price for most people. Google’s Pixel 6 Pro is a class-leading flagship phone thanks to killer battery life, fast performance, excellent cameras, and unbeatable Android software.

  • What is the best phone to buy 2021?

  • The best phones 2021. 1 1. Apple iPhone 12. 2 2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 3 3. Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus. 4 4. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. 5 5. Apple iPhone 12 mini. More items

  • What is the best smartphone for productivity?

  • While I put the iPhone 13 Pro Max as the best overall phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best overall phone for productivity. The addition of S Pen support and an IPX8 water-resistant design makes the Z Fold 3 the perfect phone and mini tablet I could ask for, and it is very well optimized for getting work done on the go.

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