where can i donate used phones

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  • Where can I Donate my cell phone?

  • Nonprofit organizations can launch their own cell phone donation fundraisers through Second Wave Recycling. Cell Phone Bank Refurbishes phones and gives them to law enforcement and victim support agencies to provide victims with emergency communications. Have other items to donate to charity?

  • Where can I Recycle my cell phone for cash?

  • Recycling For Charities allows you to recycle cell phones and other electronics for cash and then donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. 12. Salvation Army Your local Salvation Army will take your donated cell phone. You can schedule a donation pickup online. 13. Second Wave Recycling

  • Can I donate a cellphone to a domestic violence program?

  • If you think your phone is unusable, you can still send it in, and the program will recycle the phone instead. When you donate a cellphone to an organization for domestic-violence survivors, you鈥檙e actually donating it for recycling. The organizations sift through the phones they receive and pull out the usable ones and ones that they can fix up.

  • Should you recycle or donate your old phone?

  • Instead of selling or even recycling your phone, you can donate it to a charitable cause. By doing so, you not only get to save the planet, you get to save people (plus, your donation might qualify as a tax write-off).

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