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  • Where are iPhones made?

  • These Taiwanese firms manage iPhone production and ensure the completed phones are delivered on time and with the quality standards Apple demands. However, nothing is quite like the massive Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou, China.

  • Where are Samsung phones made?

  • Samsung shifted most of its production from China to Vietnam where it produces 120 million units per year and mostly ships to the United States, Canada. and other European countries. If you have an unlocked Samsung phone, then chances are it’s made in Vietnam.

  • Where are Cat Phones made?

  • CAT phones are made by Bullitt, which has its manufacturing done in China. The same goes for NUU Mobile. Once upon a time, tech brands like HP, Compaq, Dell, and Motorola used to have their cell phones manufactured in the USA. But that was another lifetime. All of them, except Motorola, have exited the mobile market.

  • What smartphones are made in the USA?

  • All Apple iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and all the cell phones by other American brands are all manufactured outside of the United States of America. In summary, apart from the Librem 5 USA, there are no other smartphones that are made in the USA today. Don鈥檛 miss our reviews.

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