why are irs phone lines down

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  • Why is the IRS getting so many tax calls right now?

  • Instead, the numbers right now indicate a deluge of calls pouring into the agency. The IRS received 7.5 million more calls last month than in January 2020 鈥渄ue to an unprecedented demand,鈥?an agency spokesperson said. The surge is more than a 300 percent increase in phone demand coming from individual taxpayers and tax professionals.

  • Is the IRS on the verge of scaling back phone service?

  • The report states, 鈥淭he IRS may be on the verge of dramatically scaling back telephone and face-to-face service it has provided for decades to assist the nation鈥檚 150 million individual taxpayers and 11 million business entities in complying with their tax obligations.鈥?/div>Still on Hold With the IRS? Here Is Advice | Fox Business

  • What is the IRS phone number for tax returns?

  • The IRS telephone number is 1-800-829-1040, and they are available from 7 a.m. 鈥?7 p.m. local time, Monday thru Friday. Accountant Amy Northard offers this cheat-sheet for navigating the IRS phone menu on her blog:

  • Why did three IRS service centers close for a week?

  • The three service centers, among 10 campuses nationwide where the IRS is trying to reinstate 11,000 employees, had to partially close for a week for deep cleaning. The infections were just the first hurdle for an agency desperate to reconnect with tens of millions of taxpayers it has struggled to serve since late March.

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