why can’t i update my phone to ios 15

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The iPhone鈥檚 failure to install the iOS 15 update is mostly caused byinsufficient phone storage space or network settings. In order to ensure that no data is lost when installing the iOS 15 update,iToolab FixGo can be said to be an excellent tool to solve the problem.

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  • How to fix iOS 15 update not installed on iPhone?

  • If you are still unable to install the iOS update on your iPhone, move on to the next step. 2. Force quit the Settings app If you are unable to install the iOS 15 update on iPhone, force quit the Settings app. On iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. On iPhone with a Home button, quickly double-press it.

  • Why won’t my iPhone update?

  • Maybe the Wi-Fi isn’t working, or the iPhone is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Network-related problems that are not allowing the iPhone to update can be solved by resetting the Network Settings. If the issue was with the network settings, the ‘iPhone software update failed’ error will be fixed. To Reset Network Settings on iPhone:

  • How do I update my iPhone to iOS 14 on PC?

  • On iPhones with Touch ID, double press the Home button. You are now in the App Switcher. Drag the Settings鈥?app card up to quit it. After a few seconds, open the Settings app, tap on General 鈫?Software Update, to download and install iOS 14.

  • How to download and install iOS 15 on iPhone?

  • Select the iPhone icon and a detailed model, then pick iOS 15, and tap on Download. Next, link your iPhone to PC, launch iTunes, and choose your iPhone icon. On Windows: Hold the SHIFT key and tap on the Update button in iTunes. On Mac: Hold OPTION key and tap on the Update button in iTunes.

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