why did my phone delete my messages

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Generally speaking,if you forget to lock the screen before putting your Android phone into your pocket,your phone may delete SMS due toaccidental touch. Or someone else uses your smartphone and clears your text messages by mistake,but you didn’t know it.

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  • Why did my iPhone delete all my messages?

  • Why Did My iPhone Delete All My Messages. There are quite a few operations that can cause iPhone deleted all messages: iOS update. Many users find data lost after updating to new iOS version. Restore from a wrong backup. You may restore your iPhone from a wrong iTunes/iCloud backup. Synced with iTunes.

  • Why did all my text messages disappear from my phone?

  • You will find your SMS disappear from your phone if the Messages app corrupts. Force stopping it might resolve the issue on Why did all my text messages disappear Android. Here’s the manual: Open your phone’s Settings app. Choose Apps/App info. Scroll down to find and tap on Messages. Choose Force stop.

  • How to delete old messages on Android phone?

  • Go to the Messages app on your Android phone. On the right corner of the screen, tap the Menu icon. Choose the Settings tab. Tap the More settings option. Disable Delete old messages.

  • How do I keep text messages on my iPhone from deleted?

  • You may choose to keep messages in 30 days or 1 year instead of forever. You can go to Settings Messages Keep Messages to have a check. If it is not Forever, it is the reason that iPhone deleted all messages.

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