why do clear phone cases turn yellow

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Degradation and dirt

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  • How to clean a yellowed clear phone case?

  • For how to clean a yellowed clear phone case. All you need to do is to remove the case from your phone and then clean it with soap and water. A little bit of dish soap will allow you to scrub most of the dirt and marks off the case.

  • Why do clear iPhone cases turn yellow?

  • Most of the clear iPhone cases on the market are constructed from a material known as thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU. This creates a durable and flexible case. But with extended use, many of these clear cases begin to take on a yellow tint due to sun exposure, heat, humidity, and oils from your skin.

  • Why did my case turn yellow so fast?

  • The more the silicone, the faster your case will turn yellow. If you’ve had clear cases that either turned yellow right away or took a long time, here are the key factors that can speed up the yellowing process exponentially:

  • Do clear cases get yellow over time?

  • All clear cases have a natural yellow tint to them. The case makers usually add a small amount of blue dye to offset the yellow, making it appear more crystal clear. The materials play a big role in this as well. Not all clear cases get as yellow over time.

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