why does my phone keep cutting off

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[Solution]How to Fix My Phone Keeps Shutting OffRestart your phone. If you have a phone that keeps shutting off over and over, you may just need to restart it. As silly…Charge it up. Another possible solution to your phone problems is to charge your device up. If your phone keeps shutting…Factory reset and restore. Still no dice? It might be time to go a step further. If you can use your…See More….

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  • How to fix your Android phone keeps cutting out?

  • Sometimes the automatic switch-off settings on your Android device may also make your Android phone keeps cutting out. Therefore, to fix this problem, you should turn it off. Open Settings on your Android phone. Scroll down to select Utilities.

  • Why does my phone keep turning off by itself?

  • Also, if your battery is low or has become too old, your phone may shut off and not work as smoothly. Lastly, you can also check if you use a protective cover for your phone. Sometimes, the cover is so tight that it presses the power button continuously turning the phone off.

  • Why does my iPhone cut off when I call someone?

  • Recently, some users complained that their iPhone cuts off while in a call and can hear nothing from each other. Sometimes the screen even turned black during conversation and won’t wake up. Unstable signal, SIM card error and chaotic system can all lead to iPhone calls failing.

  • How to fix Android device keeps turning off on its own?

  • Below are the steps that help easily fix Android device keeps turning off on its own: Step 1: On your system, install and launch Dr.Fone. Now, click the 鈥楽ystem Repair鈥?button over Dr.Fone window and connect the Android device to your computer.

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