why does my phone say no service at&t

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  • Why does my iPhone say no service?

  • Why Does My iPhone Say No Service? Your iPhone may be saying No Service because of a software problem, a hardware problem, or an issue with your cell phone plan.

  • Why does my sim card say no service?

  • If it still indicates No Service then your SIM isn’t fully activated. This is a public forum to answer generaly questions- so to further troubleshoot why your SIM isn’t fully active you would need to call into customer care so they can investigate why your SIM isn’t working.

  • How to fix phone no service issue?

  • The first thing you will probably want to do to fix the phone no service issue is to reboot your device. Rebooting the device resets many of the temporary files and settings and it often helps fix network related issues on your device.

  • Why is my phone not receiving network signals?

  • Make Sure SIM Card Placed Correctly It may be the case that you have incorrectly inserted the SIM card into your phone. If the SIM card is not placed properly, your phone will not be able to read it and as a result you will not receive network signals on the device.

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