why is my phone glitching and pressing random things

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Tempered glass screen coversare great,but if they get a bit of dust between them and the phone’s screen,it can cause the screen to randomly touch things or press icons. It could also be that your screen needs calibrated which can be done under settings display. There is usually a way to calibrate it there.

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  • Why is my phone glitching suddenly?

  • If you are searching for answers for why is your phone glitching suddenly, then there are various reasons you can check. A few apps on your phone can be the reason for slowing it down. Even glitches in one or two apps can affect your phone.

  • How to fix screen glitch on Android devices?

  • Glitches in a couple of apps can slow down the phone. So, you need to check which apps are giving the issues on your device. Step 1: Go to Settings – Apps Notifications – App Info. Step 2: Now choose the app that is troubling you. Step 3: Tap Storage and clear the cache.

  • Why is my phone acting weird all the time?

  • On the other hand, your phone could be acting weird because it has a hardware problem 鈥?the power button or charging port can fail, for example. Pixel problems tend to be hardware problems, and so do some battery-draining issues. Call tech support if you鈥檙e experiencing any of these. Hopefully, your phone is still under warranty.

  • Why is my phone screen spooking me?

  • But the problem is this case probably lies in the device鈥檚 hardware 鈥?specifically, the digitizer under the screen that registers the taps and swipes of your fingers. If that layer of circuitry starts to go bad, spooky if not outright alarming behavior can result.

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