why is my phone hanging up calls

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Why phone immediately hangs up at start of call? This is called dropping and usually caused due topoor network reception,faulty or damaged sim card,and outdated phone software. A faulty sim card can also cause call dropping in a given phone and there are other problems that are causes this type of call problem in a mobile phone.

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  • Why does my phone hang up by itself?

  • If you want to learn all about why your phone hangs up itself and how to fix it, then you鈥檙e in the right place. Let鈥檚 get started! #1 Do You have a Poor Signal? If you are not getting enough of a strong signal on your phone, it can drop the call. Many phone companies are addressing this.

  • How to fix fix phone immediately hangs up at start of call?

  • Fix phone immediately hangs up at start of call by resetting the network settings This is one of the sure ways to fix call dropping or the problem of phone immediately hangs up at start of call, by simply resetting your phone network settings.

  • Why does my Samsung phone keep dropping calls?

  • Any malfunctioning app can lead to Samsung phone keeps dropping calls. So, you have to enter the safe mode to check if it鈥檚 the case as safe mode disables all third-party apps installed on your phone. Press and hold the power key of your Samsung phone until power option appears on the screen.

  • How to fix dropped calls on Android?

  • Checking on the health of your phone should be your first go to when it comes to dropped calls. Download an app that looks for phone malware, most of them will also clean your phone of those pesky bugs. Check all the apps that you have downloaded on your phone.

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