why is my phone sending duplicate text messages

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Duplicated text messages could be caused by yourcarrier’s SMSC (Short Message Service Center) problem. Make sure the SMSC number is correct by accessing it on Settings application messaging scroll down until you found your SMS Center number. For the correct SMSC number, please contact your carrier costumer service.

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  • Why does my Samsung phone send duplicate text messages?

  • Perhaps the duplicate text message keeps re-occurring, try as much as possible to restart your Samsung device. That is a basic method for every issue every one of you have on their Android phone. Of course, it doesn鈥檛 100% works usually. Below are the steps to follow.

  • How to fix iMessage duplicate text messages on iPhone?

  • Select 鈥淢essages鈥? Choose 鈥淪end Receive鈥? Ensure that only your phone number is listed in the 鈥淵ou can be reached by iMessage at鈥?area. If you have an email address or anything else listed, it could cause duplicate text messages. Fix 3 鈥?Toggle iMessage Off then On

  • How to stop getting duplicate text messages on Google Hangouts Samsung S9?

  • Google hangouts cache can also be responsible for receiving duplicate text messages Samsung S8. You need to clear the cache to ensure you receive the main message sent to you.To stop receiving duplicate text messages Samsung S9, follow the step below. Step 2: Tap apps, then tap Hangouts.

  • Why do I get duplicate messages on my email?

  • But whenever there are glitches during the sending process, you will get duplicate messages. Reasons for this circumstance include: Those three conditions can indeed cause duplicate messages. You need to check if you network connection strength is good.

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