why shouldn’t phones be allowed in school

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12 Reasons Why Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed in SchoolKids are Easily Distracted. Whether they鈥檙e used by children or adults,cellphones are a distraction. …Poor Grades. New research shows that the overuse of cellphones can result in poor grades. …Cyberbullying. …Inability to Focus. …Complete Homework on Time. …Used as a Tool for Escapism. …Cheating During Tests. …Non-Existent Social Life. …Lack of Physical Activities. …More items…

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  • Should cell phones be allowed in school?

  • If Cell phones weren鈥檛 allowed in school, students may at least be able to get their work done in school and could reduce homework. Many times when a student doesn鈥檛 get something or just doesn鈥檛 want to do it, they鈥檒l go to their phone instead of asking for help or explanation. By this point students don鈥檛 even care about their work.

  • Are cell phones ruining students education?

  • Also if students are also on their phones all night their not getting enough sleep and showing up late to school, then just going right back on your phone right when they get to school. Cell phones are ruining students education, which is the only thing to really be successful in life right now.

  • What does the new ban on cell phones mean for students?

  • The new ban means elementary and secondary school students won鈥檛 be able to use their cellphones in the classroom unless it is for educational purposes, medical reasons, or as a support for students with special needs. How the ban is enforced will be up to individual boards and schools.

  • Why should you object to the use of mobile phones at school?

  • So, it is essential to know why one needs to object to the usage of mobile phones at school. While Cell telephones are in your grasp throughout the day, texts will continually go on. You鈥檙e compelled to look without figuring it out. Students get diverted all for the day without even recognizing they are.

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