will at&t take a cracked phone for trade-in

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  • Can you trade in a cracked screen T Mobile?

  • Examples of smartphones you can’t trade in Physical damage -If your phone has physical damage, like a cracked screen or missing buttons, you can’t trade it in. Modification or unapproved additions – If you added things to your phone, you can’t use it as a trade-in. Likewise, does T Mobile Insurance cover a cracked screen?

  • How to trade in a cracked iPhone?

  • 4: Trade in your cracked iPhone through a buyback website 5: Trade in your cracked iPhone through a retail store Since your phone isn鈥檛 going to magically trade in itself, let鈥檚 look at each of these options and see how they鈥檒l play out.

  • Does AT&T accept broken devices for trade-in?

  • Some broken or damaged devices still have enough value for customers to trade in. If not, ATT accepts them for recycling. Customers don’t have to turn in power cords and accessories with their trade-in.

  • Can I trade in my T-Mobile phone for cash?

  • T-Mobile Cell Phone Trade-in requires a new contract purchase to trade in your phone for bill credits or a giftcard, and it can take T-Mobile up to 2-3 billing cycles to issue your credits. Let uSell pay you cash instantly with no strings attached instead. How much does it cost to fix cracked screen?

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